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We look forward to helping you relax, repair and recharge through massage.

Sara Caldwell, LMT


Sara Caldwell, CMT and Owner of Layflat Massage: 

I have always had a passion for helping people and absolutely love the application of massage to improve the lives of others. I graduated from Lakeside Massage School in Madison Wisconsin in 2004. I have had the pleasure of working with many veterans in the field (in my 15 years of experience)  and have learned a tremendous amount from those experiences. After having worked in a variety of settings I developed the confidence and wherewithal to branch out on my own. I started Layflat Massage in 2011 with the intent of delivering the absolute best of both approach and setting at an affordable price. Being part of the small business community in the Greater Lafayette Area has been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to being able to give back to my community for years to come!

My skill set includes: deep tissue, sports massage, prenatal massage, trigger point therapy, site specific. I LOVE the application of massage, and equally enjoy the problem solving that goes along with it. I feel it's important to take the time after a session to advise clients on ways they can help themselves inbetween sessions and also, to do any research needed to better assist them.

I have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from expecting mothers to suffers of chronic pain to NFL players. Needless to say, I love what I do and I love a good challenge.

I logged over 1,600 massage therapy sessions in the last year, all  while feeling inspired tomake a difference and improve the quality of life of each of my clients. 

I look forward to helping you relax, repair and recharge through massage.





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