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 "Excellent therapy! Able to intuitively assess my pain and work on all of the areas that are affecting it. She is very professional, very caring and does an amazing job. I have had a lot of massage therapists and truly believe Sara has something more to offer in advanced pain relief techniques. She also gives tips on how to stretch and access hard to reach areas so you can apply pressure at home for yourself when needed."- KM, Lafayette, IN 

"Best massage. Sara Caldwell has a most talented ability to communicate with your muscles/tendons/ligaments and discover what it is they need. She is strong but somehow knows exactly how strong to be without hurting, which IMO is the major hallmark of a talented massage therapist. She is impeccably professional, and fun and easy to talk to and be with. I am possibly overly nervous about modesty and also have a strange large super-sensitive patch of nerve-dead skin on the outside of one thigh (since last pregnancy 30 years ago), and don't like it touched at all, and all of that was super easy and comfortable to deal with. She's caring and sensitive, plus she's top-notch smart and good sense of humor. I recommend her without reservation for any potential client." -LS, West Lafayette, IN 

"Massage Euphoria! Sara does an excellent job creating a relaxing environment for her clients. She listens to her clients needs and her work intuitively takes her hands to just the right areas for tension release! You will be very pleased with her work every time!"-CA, Frankfort, IN   
"I had never had a professional massage before and Sara walked me through the whole process before hand. What Layflat did best is make was make me feel comfortable and at ease the whole time. I now get cravings for massage. Totally addictive. -MD, Lafayette, IN 

"Sara Caldwell at Layflat Massage does a great job and really understands what she does as a therapist. Minutes later, all of my tension was relieved and I could go on with my day. One of the best in the Lafayette, Indiana area - professional and experienced! Thanks!" -NM, Lafayette, IN 
"I developed a severe lack of movement in my neck accompanied with pain. We started with a quick and easy consultation for my needs followed by an excellent message. My issue was addressed while my experience was fantastic!"-TM, Lafayette, IN 
"Wonderful - everything I was looking for in a massage therapist. Moved here about a year ago and been searching for a good massage therapist - my search is over! Sara was professional, courteous and had a perfect touch!" -MG, Battle Ground, IN 
"I came to Layflats massage after I had a pinched nerve in my arm causing numbness in my fingers. Not only was my massage amazing. But with Sara's knowledge I also learned some techniques to do at home to help. Needless to say a few days later I was back to new. Thanks Sara you are amazing!!!"- JI, Lafayette, IN  
"Sara Caldwell is honestly one of my favorite therapists! She is intelligent, professional and has a great sense of humor. Sara's hands are truly magic, she should have them insured! Visit her once and you will get hooked"! - JR, Seattle, WA


 "Sara gives a wonderful massage! I have had several sessions with her and have enjoyed every moment of it! Her knowledge and skill of Myofascial Therapy can release long-held stress and pain. I highly recommend Sara"! - JS, Lafayette, IN


 "Want to choice a business that cares about people...layflat is it. Sarah graciously gave massages to women with special needs children for spa night. Why? Simply because her heart is enormous. So when choosing which business you want to use think about their character. You not only get a relaxing service you in turn are allowing others in need to be blessed." SW, Lafayette, IN 


"After spending a few nights in a less-than-ideal bed, my neck was sore and cramped, but  Sara worked all that out in a single super-relaxing, in depth massage. Never had a  massage like it. I can't wait to go back for a second one"!  -ARM, Los Angles, CA


"Sara is awesome! She has so much knowledge about massage that she can help almost anyone with their problems. I would difinitely reccomend her to a friend". -AM, Indianapolis, IN


"Sara is by far the best massage therapist ever!! I went to her not being able to put weight on my right leg/ hip due to all the pain I was feeling. Sara worked her magic and after the session I could walk right again!! I had no pain after the massage, and still haven't 2 weeks later!! This woman knows what she is doing and she is awesome at doing it!! I highly recommend her to anyone!! Thank You Sara"!!! -NF, West Lafayette, IN 

"WONDERFUL MASSAGE from Sara! I requested that she work primarily on my knee, because of a previous injury. Before her treatment, I experienced discomfort when sitting for extended times. After the massage, I was able to fly cross-country pain free! Because of her skill and professional attitude, I would recommend her to anyone". -MC, Reno NV 

"GIFTED THERAPIST! Sara is experienced, professional, and incredibly gifted. I have sent my mother and several friends to Sara and we have ALL have been very impressed! I would recomend her to anyone!" -JD, Delphi, IN

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my massages from owner, Sara! She gives an excellent massage and is very professional. She always makes me feel comfortable and completely relaxed. I've visited many massage therapists and have yet to find one as good as her!" -FM, Indianapolis, IN

"A very skilled massage! One of my friends recommended I see Sara for a full body relaxation massage and I could not believe the quality of massage I received. I've had hundreds of massages over the years, and this was hands down one of the best! Sara has a great sense of touch, and from what I can tell a very in depth understanding of Anatomy! She gave the most skilled and detailed massage I've ever received. Trust me, you want to get a massage from her, she's amazing"! -BL, West Lafayette, IN


"I just had my first massage from Sara today...holy moly is she amazing!! I highly recommend you guys to anyone and everyone!! Thank you!" _TH, Lafayette, IN 


"I highly recommend Layflat Massage to anyone with sore muscles & anyone that needs energy."-AT, Battle Ground, IN 



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