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We look forward to helping you relax, repair and recharge through massage.

Services and Rates

Layflat Massage offers a variety of massage services and packages that are tailored to

your specific needs. More than one technique can be incorporated into each session to

meet your therapeutic and relaxation goals.

Our services include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy,

Sports Massage, Reflexology and Prenatal Massage.


Great care and special attention are given to each of our clients to ensure

your enjoyment and comfort!



We feel it is necessary to have the appropriate amount of time to fully address your


Prices are as follows:


30 minute $40

45 minute $55

60 minute $70

75 minute $85

90 minute $100

120 minute $130




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Come discover what our clients already know - Layflat Massage gives  the best

massage in the Greater Lafayette Area!


Finding the right massage in Lafayette just got easier! 


We invite you to "Layback with Layflat Massage". 


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Investing in massage is an investment in your health.


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